Biomedical Image Informatics & Bioinformatics

Life sciences organizations, pharma and academic research institutes are drowning in image data, with almost 70% of their data locked in images due to inefficient or non-existent informatics frameworks. Optra Systems’s customizable building blocks enable connectivity, image acquisition, data storage, image analysis, sharing and visualization in a compliant environment.

Optra Systems has successfully supported Fortune 500 biotech and pharmaceutical companies, and partnered with leading life science research institutes to derive actionable insights and tackle some of the most challenging questions in the R&D lifecycle. Optra's extensive experience in life science and healthcare applications, combined with best-in-class informatics and software engineering, helps clients achieve their complex research and business goals.

Image Informatics Framework

Optra frees your team up to act on their images instantly with a completely customizable...


Proteomics and genomics information has revolutionized how R&D and clinical decision support...

Custom Algorithm Development

Sometimes your needs do not match an out-of-the-box solution and business goes on as usual...

Systems Integration

Optra’s system integration service helps our clients integrate heterogeneous systems at all...


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