What employees have to say about working at Optra

Prachi Kulkarni,
“I have been working with Optra since 2010, more than 7 years now. Optra is more than just a company or a job for me, but a great place where my career has shaped. I started here as a Scientific Data Curator and got appropriately promoted over the period of time. Working here is always a pleasure, it’s like an extended family. The leadership of the company is always approachable even to junior employees. They know how to groom the positives of the people and how to negate their negatives. I owe my good career and personal growth to Optra and hope to be a part of this family for many more years to come.
Another attraction to boost the overall personal interaction within people and explore the talent is the regular HR events, few like fun Fridays, group outings, team lunch/ dinner, annual event, etc. These events give a well-deserved break from the challenges, pumping back enthusiasm and the zeal to win.”
Prachi Kulkarni, Manager - Business Development
Harshal Darokar,
“Optra played a vital role in shaping my career. Since my joining in 2009, I have seen the transition of medicines to precision/personalized medicines, from manual to knowledge automation. This transition has helped me to grow my experience and skill sets in the this ever changing field. The environment is dynamic and conducive to learning new things. Optra transformed me from a newbie to an expert and experienced professional by nurturing my innovative orientation and tenacious attitude. The management is farsighted and co-operative. I was supported to the fullest in my highs as well as lows while working here. I am really grateful to the Optra family and my friends for making things more interesting here.”
Harshal Darokar, Lead – Business Analyst
Snehal Shinde,
“Wonderful growth, healthy working environment and challenging projects in niche domain characterize Optra. My stint of over 7 years in Optra has been full of opportunities which helped me utilize and explore my potential to the fullest, thus speeding up my career growth path. I have been blessed with being able to work with many wonderful people over here. Projects at Optra have interesting and unique requirements which ensures lot of challenging work for everyone in the team. The HR initiatives are shaping up the Optra Culture like never before.”
Snehal Shinde, Test Lead
Vidhya Bharambe,
“I started working at Optra in December 2013 and have thoroughly enjoyed my 4 years here. The foremost points that I love about Optra are its people and work. This is the organization where I started my career and have gained knowledge beyond my belief. People are appreciated for their hard work and dedication. The work culture here is such that you are always promoted to think about innovative ideas. Talented people, great leadership and collaborative culture at Optra has helped to groom myself at professional level and also as an individual. The atmosphere is positive and healthy, where work is not just work but every minute of work is fun.”
Vidhya Bharambe, Senior Software Engineer