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Accelerating insights in Life Science and Healthcare

In the competitive and rapidly changing life sciences and medical device industries, how quickly organizations adapt their technology will determine their success or failure. As a global IT solutions and services organization, Optra Systems understands the challenges facing life sciences and healthcare industries to stay ahead and up-to-date with their technology and thus have created iMaven, an artificial intelligence platform.

iMaven’s ability to collect, structure, enrich, and make sense out of complex data make it the ideal platform for leading Life Sciences and Healthcare organizations that want to: INNOVATE new products and approaches, ACCELERATE scientific discovery and time-to-market, and OPTIMIZE operational efficiencies to reduce costs.

iMaven is making a global impact in Genomics, Microbiome, Healthcare and Pharma sectors.


iMaven makes genomic data analysis and reporting easier than ever.


iMaven makes understanding the immense diversity and application...


iMaven helps healthcare organizations improve the quality, delivery and...


iMaven accelerates the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology drug...


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