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Optra Systems| iMaven - a cognitive cloud-based platform

Solution Overview

iMaven is a cognitive cloud-based platform designed to: reach deep into large volumes of structured and unstructured data, extracting high-value knowledge; connect to hundreds of different data sources; build and publish complex data analysis pipelines; and visually produce insights from complex data.
iMaven's strength and flexibility lies in a powerful Cognitive Text Mining Engine that has the ability to understand complex scientific language and concepts, pre-built Data Connectors, a powerful Visual Pipeline Manager, and advanced Data Visualization and Analytics capabilities.  

Cognitive Text Mining

iMaven includes a powerful Cognitive Text Mining Engine that uses advanced Machine Learning, Natural Language Understanding, and a vast collection of Ontologies to reach deep into disparate data sources, to quickly discover knowledge that would ultimately be slow and cumbersome to find using traditional keyword techniques...

Data Connectivity

iMaven easily collects, aggregates, and structures data due to its ability to connect to hundreds of data sources, both public and private.

iMaven includes pre-built connectors for hundreds of data sources that include structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

iMaven can collect and process information in a wide range of input formats, including: raw scientific data files, scientific literature, patents, electronic health records (EHRs), clinical trials data, news feeds, social media, public and private databases, and proprietary content.

Visual Pipeline Manager

Designed to automate complicated data analysis pipelines, the iMaven Visual Pipeline Manager allows laboratories to design and execute workflows to mimic user’s already defined and familiar analysis pipelines or create new pipelines rapidly using an intuitive graphical drag-n-drop interface…

Visualization & Analytics

iMaven includes powerful Analytics and Visualization capabilities that includes a library of easy to use data visualization tools that provide data-driven insights. The iMaven Analytics and Visualization module lets you see new patterns of interaction and uncovers hidden relationships in your data…

iMaven Application Program Interface (iAPI)

The versatile nature of iMaven allows for solutions to be tailored to specific client needs, and is accomplished using the iMaven Application Programming Interface (iAPI). This rich iAPI layer provides unparalleled power and flexibility to build domain-specific, custom applications on top of the iMaven platform or integrate into existing enterprise systems, tools, and business processes through standard REST API calls.

Deployment / Infrastructure

iMaven can operate in a virtual private cloud, a local high performance computing environment, or a hybrid of the two.



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