Dr. Scott Kahn Joins Optra Systems as Chief Strategy Advisor

September 14, 2016

Dr. Scott Kahn Joins Optra Systems as Chief Strategy Advisor
Dr. Kahn will lead strategic efforts for Optra Systems iMaven Knowledge Automation and Analytics Platform for Clinical Genomics, Pharma and Precision Medicine

SUNNYVALE, CA--(BUSINESS WIRE) — Optra Systems today announced that Dr. Scott Kahn will serve as Chief Strategy Advisor overseeing strategic direction for the Company’s Knowledge Automation and Analytics Platform iPhronesisTM for genomics-related research, digital drug development, real world evidence and Personalized Healthcare.

Dr. Kahn most recently served as Vice President for Illumina's Enterprise Informatics group after serving as Illumina's Chief Information Officer for nine years. ”The field of Precision Medicine is rapidly being defined as tools to aggregate and sanitize research and clinical information come to the fore, and the iPhronesis platform is making inroads that can be levered on many fronts to advance the field”, comments Dr. Kahn.

“We are investing in our data-driven healthcare platform development combining Machine-learning and natural language processing technologies. Having Dr. Kahn advise on the overall strategic plan for iPhronesisTM will guide our strategic partnerships towards accelerating Precision Medicine efforts across Clinical Genomics, Pharma and Personalized Healthcare,“ said Dr. Gauri Naik, Optra Systems co-founder and CEO.

Optra Systems will be exhibiting at the upcoming Festival of Genomics at booth #411 in San Diego, CA September 20-21 and demonstrating iPhronesis and its applications. Dr. Kahn will also be a part of the Drug Development track panel on Day 2 “Looking Forward - Opportunities to Disrupt Medicines Development Through Human Genetics”.

About Optra Systems and iMaven
Optra Systems is a Digital Healthcare company specializing in machine learning-based knowledge automation analytics for the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries. Optra Systems Analytics platform iPhronesis™ with knowledge automation engine is used for clinical genomics, real world evidence and Personalized and Precision Medicine applications. iPhronesis™ integrates all aspects of research and diagnostics across databases, both structured and unstructured and provides powerful workflows with the latest analytics and visualization technologies. At the core of iPhronesis is a BioNLP-powered knowledge automation framework for creating meaningful structured corpora that allows for easy querying using natural language. Specifically, iPhronesis supports biomedical data, ranging from genomics and proteomics, drugs, pathways, clinical lab reports and EMR/EHR records. Specific applications for iPhronesis include genomic apps for creating robust genomics reporting pipelines, variant pathogenicity identification, variant knowledgebases, genotype- phenotype correlations, cancer genomics, drug-gene insights, in-silico drug design, drug repurposing, toxicity & efficacy studies, epigenetic markers, pathological reports/annotations, clinical grade personalized risk reports for prenatal screening and counselling for diagnostic labs.

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