Optra Systems Expands iMaven Ai Capabilities to Meet Precision Medicine Demands

May 24, 2017

iMaven Ai™ Platform Expanded to Meet Precision Medicine Demands; Additional Capabilities Include Ai Powered Clinical Notes Indexing, Biomedical Patent Scrutiny, and Microbiome Product Development

Sunnyvale, CA--Optra Systems today announced the expansion of capabilities to its artificial intelligence platform iMaven Ai for Life Science and Healthcare. Capabilities including microbiome data analysis,

medical note coding and patent formulation indexing have been included to facilitate precision medicine initiatives.

iMaven Ai accelerates insights in life science and healthcare by utilizing a powerful Ai knowledge automation framework to mine large and small volumes of unstructured and structured data. The cloud platform helps organizations and institutions create meaningful structured corpora and gain contextually sensitive insights using deep machine learning, advanced natural language processing, data connectors and an extensive ontological library. The rich API layer allows users across domains to apply data specific to their applications, to contextually search and harness information using artificial intelligence. The end result, is a massive data mine or knowledgebase readily available for any downstream processes or data analysis.

“Artificial intelligence is beginning to have a transformative effect on how research and clinical applications are being developed and utilized in the era of Precision Medicine,” said Co-founder and CEO Dr. Gauri Naik. “The possibilities of using iMaven Ai to advance research and patient care are seemingly endless as we explore new inquiries for the platform. We look forward to making the platform accessible as a service to assist small and large organizations with their workflows, on an ongoing basis.”

iMaven Ai Technology
The Ai platform enables contextual knowledge extraction, relationship discovery and data visualization utilizing advanced technologies, including Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Machine Learning (ML), an extensive Ontological Library and Proprietary Algorithms. iMaven Ai works by interpreting semantic information from literature and large data sets; literature and other unstructured data is then converted to structured data, a cognitive crawler scours the internet for additional information to supplement searches, that results in a contextual display of customizable visualizations for generating actionable insights. Optra Systems will be exhibiting iMaven Ai at Bio-IT World booth #155. Schedule a demo at the booth here.
About Optra Systems:
Optra Systems, Inc. is the “Data-driven Intelligence Company” leading Precision Medicine initiatives within clinical genomics, pharma, life sciences and healthcare. Optra’s solutions and services harness data for translational and clinical research, clinical reporting and real world evidence. Get LinkedIn with Optra Systems or follow us on Twitter.

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