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Proteomics and genomics information has revolutionized how R&D and clinical decision support is being managed, but there is a huge bottleneck resulting in a slow rate of progress for these initiatives. Optra's advanced Bioinformatics service offerings help organizations to effortlessly overcome challenges like integrating and managing proteomics and genomic data from different resources, workflows or equipment, while transforming it into a homogeneous resource.

We develop algorithms and applications for mining and analysis of meaningful data to meet the needs of commercial genetic diagnostic labs and academic proteomics and genomics core facilities. Our LIMS solutions enable scientists and researchers to easily and efficiently collect, store, manage, retrieve and analyze the enormous amounts of data required for their genomic research.

We support a wide range of services catering to:

  • Lab data management
  • Computational proteomics and genomics tools
  • Proteomics and genomics research applications / portals
  • Algorithm development
  • Knowledge research services

Some of Optra’s successful Bioinformatics projects are:
  1. Drug Repositioning
  2. Structural Protein Informatics
  3. Microarray Data Analysis

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