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Image Informatics

Researchers and clinicians around the globe are inundated with images that are not being used to their full potential because of the lack of suitable image informatics frameworks. Optra Systems helps unlock the potential of these images through its customizable Image Informatics building blocks that work to maintain a compliant environment throughout the entire imaging and image analysis workflow.

Optra Systems’s sophisticated Image Informatics building blocks consist of solutions for capturing, analyzing, processing and integrating image data to facilitate an automated and seamless imaging workflow. Optra’s Image Informatics solutions support over 70+ image file formats obtained from various instrumentation platforms used for functional genomics, high throughput screening, structure/activity analysis, ADME/in vitro toxicity studies and pre-clinical testing.
Image Informatics solutions
  1. Image Acquisition Connectors
  2. Image Analysis
  3. Image Management
  4. Image Viewing
  5. Security and Regulatory Compliance

Customizable Image Informatics Building Blocks

This complete set of customizable, faceless libraries, components or application programming interfaces (API's) can be tailored to the various needs of our clients. Optra’s software engineering team can customize, enhance or integrate these building blocks according to customer specifications.
  • 100+ file readers for data and images
  • 70+ analysis tools for different business processes
  • Data and image management libraries
  • 30+ workflows designed for preclinical and clinical needs
  • Visualization and annotation components
  • Cross-platform / scalable / customizable solutions
  • Regulatory modules

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