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Systems Integration

Innovative product development and engineering is key to staying competitive in the medical device industry. If you do not capitalize on strategic partnerships to control costs, shorten time-to-market and maintain compliance, your competitors will. Optra Systems has helped the top 18 medical device and lab automation manufacturers to innovate their instruments and software, while helping to drive down costs and save them valuable time to go to market.

Optra Systems’s comprehensive outsourcing strategies and services drive your medical device development completely through the full product development lifecycle, from initial concept through design, to validation and regulatory compliance, and post-development support. We conceptualize innovative ideas into design by converting marketing requirements or voice of the customer into product ideas. With the help of advanced engineering simulations, these concepts are developed into a prototype model that facilitates actual implementation of your medical device vision. In adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards, your medical device is further optimized by valuation, validation and verification. We service our customers by building end-to-end electro-mechanical prototypes with design transfer documentation that meets the medical devices regulatory compliance practices.

Integrated systems are now mandatory in these rapidly changing “connected” times. Companies that do not have integrated systems are facing lower productivity and decreased efficiency across their workflows. Optra’s system integration service helps our clients integrate heterogeneous systems at all levels.

Our experience as a systems integrator specializing in Life Sciences ensures that your devices and middleware are efficiently implemented and effectively integrated to reduce costs, while increasing efficiency and automation. We have demonstrated the capability of managing multiple IT systems that cater to different functions, departments and stages in the product lifecycle

Our proven expertise areas encompass a wide range of functional levels:
  • Devices – Configuration, communication protocol development, interfaces with third party OTS tools for data exchange, data acquisition and conditioning. We have worked with many medical devices such as cytometers, scanners, digital microscopes, molecular devices and sequencers.
  • Middleware – Design and development of architecture for integration with devices and enterprise/user applications utilizing various data management and publishing models, data processing and algorithms, control strategy, adaptors for interfacing heterogeneous systems on standard data exchange models, etc.
  • User/Enterprise Application – Interfacing with middleware using standard data exchange models like HL7, LIS, PIS, etc., system workflow configurations, remote monitoring and diagnostics applications, etc.

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