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Wireless Enablement

Engineering Digital Healthcare—that’s what WE do. If your organization is not leveraging the connectivity of wireless and remote monitoring, you will not be meeting the needs of your clients and patients. Let Optra engineer your systems for complete wireless enablement, mobility and remote monitoring. Today, digital healthcare solutions are being deployed for electronic medical records, monitoring vital signs, transferring images, administering medicinal doses and for assisting in patient home-care. Optra Systems has building blocks to custom engineer machine-to-machine (M2M) communications for medical device data to be more interoperable, standardized, and accurate for improved clinical outcomes and patient safety.

Optra Systems is pioneering the wireless enablement of healthcare solutions for:
  • Wellness and fitness monitoring, remote monitoring for nurses, easy and comfortable experimentation support for technicians
  • Remote patient monitoring to improve healthcare and cut patient costs through the elimination of re-admissions and frequent visits
  • Transition of the point of care (PoC) from the hospital to the home through the Cloud, supported through the use of mobility and wireless medical devices
  • Maintaining quality-of-life for an aging population at an affordable cost

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Optra Systems’s wireless enablement services:
  • Build wireless connectivity to medical devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or mobile device data manager, in real-time, to make intelligent decisions
  • Data security compliance to securely access patient data for HIPPA compliance through telecom network or Wi-Fi
  • Multiple connectivity options between devices: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, ZigBee, NFC technology, etc.
  • Device connectivity to information systems supporting HL7, DICOM and transforming proprietary protocols to standard formats
  • Cloud connectivity for central storage to enable customers remote access and to run data analytics
  • Proactive approach to device maintenance and calibration by incorporating intelligence into medical devices, to broadcast calibration data for remote interpretation, analysis and action

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